Sunday, April 18, 2010

AGD Formal 2010

This past Friday night was my sorority's Formal, and it was probably the most fun function I've been to!! :) We stayed here in Troy and went to a restaurant called Yanni's. I didn't how I was going to like staying in Troy, but I don't think I would've had it any other way! My roommate, Liz, was the one who planned it and she did a wonderful job!! It was decorated so pretty and the band that played was awesome. 95 Reasons was the name of the band, and they played literally everything...90's music (which was my favorite), classic rock, and some stuff that's popular now. Probably one of the reasons I had so much fun was because of my date; he was so much fun!! After formal, my date and I rode around with one of the girls I'm really close to, Elizabeth, and her date. Her date drives a Jeep and we got to take the top off. We drove on some country back roads and looked at the stars. It was a great way to end an amazing night!!

Darin, Elizabeth, me, and Matt before Formal

Me and my wonderful date, Matt

Elizabeth and I on the bus

haha! Me and Elizabeth in the Jeep, before we rode around. :)


  1. How much fun, Natalie! I'm glad you had a great formal!!

  2. I LOVE your dress!!! You looked so pretty! I'm glad formal was fun! The jeep pic is awesome :)

  3. Do you even remember the 90's