Thursday, April 7, 2011

Huge/Exciting News!!!!

Before I inform you all about my news, I'm going to update you with my life! :)

If you weren't already aware, I am getting veryyyy close to graduating from college. I just have to survive doing an internship this summer, and then I will be in the real world. I just can't believe that my 4 years of college are almost up!! Time flies!!

Well, for the past 2-ish months, I have been searching for the perfect internship. I was looking at camps throughout the U.S., but outside of Alabama. On my mission to find the perfect one, I stumbled upon YMCA Camp McConnell in Micanopy, Florida. After reading just about their whole website, I knew I had to call and get more information. If I wouldn't have called I would have missed out on a huge opportunity...they were looking for an office intern and it wasn't on the website. I knew it was for me from the beginning. After perfecting my resume and filling out the application, it was in the mail! They seemed to be impressed with my resume and references, that they called to setup a phone interview. After talking to them for about 15 minutes, they said I had the position if I wanted it. Well....I told them to count me in!! :))

I'll be packing up my car and leaving on May 11, the day after my birthday!! This will be the first time I'm moving away from Troy, and I couldn't be more excited!! So be ready for all of my updates this summer on my internship!!


  1. Congrats Natalie! That's so exciting!

  2. Congrats dear! You're going to love it. My first summer interning & moving to a place where I didn't know a soul was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had :) I'm excited for you!