Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So blessed!

Well, last night was very eventful to say the least!

My sorority has our chapter meetings on Mondays so last night I went thinking it was just a normal chapter. To my surprise, in the middle of chapter the whole Alpha Tau Omega fraternity walked in. (And let me just say they all looked sooo nice in their suits!) They begin by actually singing happy birthday to one of the girls, which happens to be one of my best friends. They brought her a cake and a red rose which was so sweet!! After they sing that, they begin to sing another song and at the end my boyfriend comes to the front and asks me to come up there with him. I automatically start to cry! haha! Yesterday was our 10 month anniversary and I knew he had planned something special. I only remember about the first sentence he said which was, "The past 10 months have been amazing with you..." and the rest was a blur. He then pulls out a box with a necklace in it. It's a tradition of their fraternity to make that first "big step", in promising the girlfriend in marriage somewhere down the road. It was the sweetest thing ever!! John was nervous, but that's understandable. I actually had to hold his hands to put the necklace on me...it made it even more sweet, in my opinion. haha!

John is the most amazing guy ever!! The past 10 months have flown by, and this summer will be the first time we have to be apart. I know it's going to be so hard not to see him daily, like I do now. But I know in the end, everything will work out between us.

And a big thanks to Edward, one of John's fraternity brothers, for taking pictures last night! They turned out amazing!!

[This was taken on my phone so it's not the best picture.]


  1. Wow this is so sweet! My boyfriend and I have been together almost a year but he's not in a fraternity. Otherwise, I would totally wish for this to happen!! Congratulations. Cute blog btw! New follower :)


  2. So sweet Nat! Congratulations dear :)

  3. that is so sweet! so happy for you! :) & girl i know about not seeing the boyfriend daily!

  4. thank you so much for following! you have an amazing blog!
    - I am so happy for you, you and your boyfriend are so sweet!

  5. yay! love all the fun things you get to experience cause people are greeeeek :) congratss

  6. Awwwww she got lavaliered! That is so sweet, I used to want that but greek boys where I go are a "not so much" rather than these cute boys who dress up and sing that you describe.